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The Wix Terms do not confer any right or interest in Wix`s intellectual property (or any part thereof), except for the limited license expressly granted above. Nothing in the Wix Terms constitutes an assignment or waiver of Wix`s intellectual property rights under any law. You may need to purchase a license for some online video activities. It is your responsibility to review this requirement and obtain such a license if necessary. These Terms (together with the Additional Terms) constitute the sole and complete agreement between us. Please note that some Wix Services are currently offered in beta and are undergoing beta testing. You understand and agree that some Wix Services will continue to contain software errors, experience disruptions, and may not function as intended or intended. Your use of the Wix Services in this BETA Phase is a sign of your consent to participate in the BETA testing of these Wix Services. Use of the Video Services for your User Platform may require licensing certain MPEG-LA patents (the “License”). It is your sole responsibility to decide whether your business requires a license and to obtain it. License information can be obtained from MPEG LA L.L.C. here.

Use of Wix Video Services may require a license to use certain patents. You are required to check whether you are required to obtain such a license. WixUIExtension.dll includes a standard placeholder license agreement. To specify your product`s license, override the default setting by specifying a WiX variable named WixUILicenseRtf with the value of an RTF file containing your license text. You can set the variable in your WiX creation: Here`s a good connection with the code: www.howdoicode.net/2011/09/wix-how-to-hide-license-agreement.html I use Wix 3.6 to create a simple MSI that is used internally. I would like to know if there is a simple way to remove the license agreement dialog box. I found another option – stackoverflow.com/questions/597025/how-to-build-a-minimal-wix-installer-ui-without-a-license-page but not able to integrate [WixSetup] into your template. Can you please help me here? stackoverflow.com/questions/16978501/how-to-create-a-bootstrapper-application-without-a-license-agreement-step I recently came across a Wix# project that mimics Wix XML files but allows you to encode the configuration in C#. You can find this project on wixsharp.codeplex.com. I originally had the same problem with a license file with the “Terms and Conditions” that must be accepted before the user can install the software. Since the solution was not such that the “Terms and Conditions” had to be accepted, I had to find a way to remove this dialog box….