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Whether you are a member of the public, an anti-virus, a scan, a sandbox or another security partner (“Partner”) or a security organization (together the “community”), which uses samples and contributes to the service using part of the service, You accept and accept these terms of use, including conditions that limit our liability or affect your legal rights, all referenced and integrated policies and policies, including our guidelines on community examples and content (which explain how to share samples securely through the Service), the terms of our privacy policy (which explains how we can provide, collect, use and share the personal data you provide us) and any additional conditions that are specific to your specific use of the service. , “conditions”). If you use the service on behalf of a company, you declare us entitled to apply that company or entity to these conditions and that that company accepts these conditions. VirusTotal stores the different name and hashs for each scanned file. Files already scanned can be identified by their known SHA256 hash (z.B. VT-Standard) without downloading full files. The SHA256 query URL has the form www.virustotal.com/latest-scan/SHA256. File downloads are usually limited to 128MB. [10] In 2017, VirusTotal stopped supporting windows Uploader. [11] As has already been said, it is likely that many licensing issues will need to be resolved before you can offer this service to the public. Since VirusTotal is headquartered in Spain, licensing agreements may differ from those in other countries, as well as copyright and trademark laws, which could also influence their use.

VirusTotal has also entered into agreements with A/V engine suppliers to report activities and provide statistics to help them improve their product. They may have reached an agreement to allow the public use of their engines. All rights, titles and interests on and on the service (excluding third-party trademarks) are and remain the exclusive property of VirusTotal and its licensees. Nothing under these conditions should be construed to confer a licence or right in the context of copyright, patent, trademark, database law, sui generis or other intellectual property or property of VirusTotal, its licensees or third parties through a right or other rights. We reserve the right to remove models without notice and at our sole discretion. Nothing under our terms gives you the right to use VirusTotal trademarks, logos, domain names and other distinctive brand features. clue_rule:1bd7d049d5d9b6b6b6a9ba92814 d59f6e1ccd45c2f3a9b0346e809e7e60fe07 if you don`t want to, DO NOT SEND A SAMPLE AS A WHOLE MAN IN THESE TERMS OR IN THE PRIVACY POLICY, AS THE SERVICE IS DESIGNED TO WORK ON COLLECTIVE AGGREGATION AND SHARING INFORMATION ABOUT THE THREAT WITH AND BY THE COMMUNITY. VirusTotal`s failure to impose a right or provision of these conditions is not considered a waiver of that right or provision.