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If the termination is not valid, the lessor or tenant has the right to consider it null and void and to continue the tenancy agreement until the termination is served. However, the landlord and tenant may agree to treat the notice as if it were valid. [7] Section 196 of the Property Act 1925 authorizes the valid service or notification of the NTQ by registered mail or registered delivery or personal delivery, but only if the lease expressly states that the service takes effect when it is performed in accordance with Section 196. In addition, the contract may explicitly provide a service with these methods. In the case of a periodic tenancy agreement, reasonable termination depends on the length of the tenancy period (which normally corresponds to the interval between rents). For example, an annual lease requires at least six months` notice. As a general rule, licensing agreements for land and commercial premises give the licensee the right to succumb to the license agreement in the event of a breach of contract and the right to terminate the contract without the need for a property order. However, this depends on the premises that do not include residential real estate. The termination of a lease or licence (rescission of the lease or licence) requires that certain procedures be followed, depending on the type of tenancy agreement, in order for the deed to be fully legal: the notice period must expire at the end of a payment period: z.B.

if the date of payment of the rent is the 20th of each month. the notice period must expire on the 20th of the month or the 19th to be safe. The following occupants may be legally evacuated without a court order if they remain legally in the dwelling after the expiry of the notice period they have given in a valid NTQ:[10] Check your contract with your landlord if you have one. Your landlord must provide you with the amount of notification indicated in this contract. If no time limit is given, you are only entitled to a reasonable period of time to leave the property. The lease cannot change these basic rules, as this is a minimum termination period of 4 weeks. However, if the lease term is longer than 4 weeks, for example. B one month, the notice is one month.